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Creating and Supporting a Professional Infrastructure


Structured Cabling

The need for increased bandwidth of today’s high performance networks require transmission media hardware capable of transmitting an electrical or optical signal/s from point to point accurately and consistently, thus professional installation of a high performance structured cabling system is of vital importance to the success of any voice, data, or video network system.

Essential Network Services employs technicians who have installed almost every type of cable infrastructure imaginable, thus we offer an experience base shared by few of our peers. While technologies such as RS232/422/485, thicknet, thinnet, twinax, ect. have come and gone with the standardization of structured cabling systems and the need for speed, we pride ourselves in employing the best trained, professional technicians, who are proud of their work and excited to complete your project.

Essential Network Services can design, project manage, install, and maintain standards based structured cabling systems consisting of category 3, 5e, and 6 and/or fiber optic cabling for both horizontal and backbone (inside and outside plant) systems. We are capable of handling all of your structured cabling needs no matter how large or small, whether your moving one workstation or relocating an entire campus.

No matter what the project, we thoroughly test each installed cable link to ensure it is standards compliant, with company owned test equipment. We provide copper testing, via Fluke Level III equipment. Tier 1 (i.e. Optical Loss Test Set) fiber testing is performed, via Fluke test equipment and tier 2 (i.e. Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) fiber testing is performed, via Nettest OTDR.