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Data Center

Power Backup/Conditioning

Today businesses rely heavily on technology systems for their day to day operations. Unfortunately, many businesses take the very life line of their technology systems for granted and the power needed for these systems. (i.e. the power you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), for they have not taken steps to maintain power to their crucial systems when power outages and/or power quality issues occur from forces of nature, severing of power transmission lines, mechanical failure of hardware, etc.

When these problems occur, it can cost your company big dollars in lost sales, productivity, damaged equipment, etc. Imagine what might happen if your company was down for minutes, hours, or even days. Frightening isn’t it! Most of these issues can be avoided with a comprehensive alternate power backup plan. This alone is reason enough to move backup power to the top of your businesses priority list.

At Essential Network Services we will assist you in providing a winning strategy to keep power feeding your crucial systems in likely event your power utility company lets you down someday when you least expect it. If you think purchasing a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will help, your on the right track, but how do you integrate it into your system/s, what run time do you need, what power strategy do you take, is monitoring required, do you need a generator to supplement your system, etc.

Essential Network Services has the expertise necessary to assist you in your backup power plan. We provide the turnkey backup power protection solutions that your business deserves, offering and installing UPS units up to 750kVA, natural gas and diesel generators up to 880kW, PDU (Power Distribution Units), RDP (Rack Distribution Panels), ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches), etc.

Specialized Electric

Through strategic partnerships Essential Network Services, as a compliment to our Power Backup/Conditioning offerings, is capable of designing and installing what we refer to as “Specialized Electrical Services”.

These services revolve around our Customers critical power areas, Data Centers, NOC’s, Computer Rooms, MER’s and TC’s. We design and install electrical connectivity for UPS’s, Generators and critical circuits. Our partnerships are cultivated through years of hands on experience and through stringent requirements of Quality and Craftsmanship to compliment all of our many other well defined disciplines.

Access/Raised Flooring

Today more and more businesses are realizing the advantages of access flooring (i.e. raised flooring). Not only does it allow for more workspace flexibility and mobility, this type of flooring can save you money in the long run. Access flooring is aesthetically pleasing, can be designed for high capacity, allow easy access, provides interstitial space for heating, air conditioning, power, and communications, and are among the least costly of all distribution systems for making moves, adds, and/or changes.

Essential Network Services offers many high-quality flooring solutions such as wood core, steel, and concrete with a variety of panel coverings such as high pressure laminate, carpet, conductive vinyl composition, tile, and bare. Access floors are available in combustible, noncombustible, and composite panels and can be designed for standard height (i.e. 6” or more) or low profile (i.e. less than 6”), seismic, and other special conditions.